Paula Huff ~ 1 year for Marijuana

Paula has been released. Welcome home! Paula was sentenced to a 1 year in prison for marijuana in Arizona.

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Unit San Carlos 57C-92L
P.O. Box 3700
Goodyear, AZ 85395

DOB: 11/30/1962

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Paula Huff is a mother, volunteer at her local cat shelter and college graduate with a triple major in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Though only in her 50s, Paula suffers from arthritis and the safest way she found to treat it was with medical marijuana. In February 2012 she received a medical marijuana card and was licensed to grow her own medicine at home in the state of Arizona.

On January 10, 2013, after an unexpected knock at the door, Paula looked outside to see two police officers. Fresh out of the shower wearing only a towel, she answered the door, concerned something had happened to her friends or family. The officers questioned Paula about her medical marijuana and subsequently arrested her, despite having a valid medical marijuana card.

Without the money for an attorney, and not trusting a public defender paid by the same state as the police, who arrested her despite state law, Paula opted to defend herself. Innocent of any crime, Paula's faith in the legal system and her constitutional rights led her to study the law, learn the in's and out's of the court system and spending countless hours researching and observing the legal system in action. She worked tirelessly to present evidence of her innocence, even though the burden of proof was on the State.

After fighting a difficult 8-month legal battle, the judge ultimately struck down nearly every single motion she filed to demonstrate her innocence. The day before trial, the judge precluded (forbid) her from discussing nearly every single point of her defense in front of the jury. 

It is severely unfortunate, but not surprising, that on August 8, 2013 she was found guilty of "unlawful production of marijuana" and possession of growing paraphernalia.

Paula is currently in Pima County jail waiting her sentencing. Needless to say, this has caused a great deal of strife for her family, when all Paula was doing was legally caring for her body with medicine approved by a licensed physician.

Paula's only option now is to appeal the verdict. After experiencing just how unfairly a person defending themselves is treated by the criminal court system, Paula needs to get an attorney to handle the appeals process.

Fortunately Paula did a great amount of work during her case. Though it was never seen by the jury, all her evidence may be reviewed by the Court of Appeals. There may be many excellent points to present to appeal the case, though nothing can be guaranteed.

Since her arrest, Paula has become very active in the medical marijuana activist community. She wants to help others in her position, and though this has been hard for Paula and her family, appealing the case may be a way she can have a very big impact. If her case is overturned, it could help other medical marijuana patients from being prosecuted in the state of Arizona. People, like Paula, who have not harmed anyone and are only concerned for their health and well-being.

Paula is a good hearted, fun loving person who would never be in this position if her medical marijuana card had been honored. Paula is not a criminal, she is a woman who was legally caring for her arthritis naturally. She does not belong in jail, where she currently has no safe means of relieving her physical ailments.

Legal expenses to appeal the case will total $6,500. This is for attorney's fees only. There is a chance we may be able to bail her out during the appeals process. If we make her legal fee goal, excess donations will go toward her bail, so she does not have to spend 6 months in prison while her attorney proves her innocence to the Court of Appeals. 

It is very hard for her family while she is sitting in jail with virtually all her rights taken away, knowing she is completely innocent and would never hurt anyone. Paula could easily be you, your mother or your friend. 

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