With a monthly donation of $4.20 a month or a simple one time donation you can help end cannabis prohibition. Your donations directly impact so many people currently incarcerated for cannabis. Your donations help assist those unjustly incarcerated for bad-unjust cannabis laws. 

We at POW420 strive to end cannabis prohibition. We believe that education is vital to ending cannabis prohibition. Through your donations we find, locate, share, advocate, and work on the freedom of pot prisoners nationwide. None of this would be possible without your donations. 

Thank you again. Together we can end cannabis prohibition. Through unity we can repeal cannabis from the Controlled Substance Act. Using education and the community we can free everyone unjustly incarcerated because of cannabis prohibition. Join POW420 today and help make a difference. Remember, No-one belongs in jail for a plant.

Make a difference in ending cannabis prohibition and donate to POW420 today -

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