John Lindsey ~ 30 years for Marijuana

JOHN W LINDSEY # 03205-025
P.O. BOX 5000

DOB: 12/30/64
AGE: 52
LOCATED AT: Greenville FCI
RELEASE DATE: 07/14/2022

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Hi my name is Teresa Guth an John gave me your email to be his contact for getting his story out there an hopefully get him home to his family. 21 years this month he has sat in prison for conspiracy to distribute pot although the only evidence they had on him was testimony of others who were keeping theirselves out of prison.. I have John writing his story in his words as we speak also I have pics of him and his daughter who has NEVER felt her dad's arms around her in the free world.. I have appointment with an attorney to see how much it will cost to have someone work on his clemency application he has 6 years left on this ridiculous sentence an will almost be 60 when they let him out..

He is a good man who has changed his life on his own he has been drug an alcohol free for 15 years his choice... He has also worked for unicore for 15 years he teaches classes and has taken all the education prison has offered everything he has been thru has yet to break him it's made him stronger. But enough is enough I will do whatever it takes to get him home 

Two prior convictions for pot a sale of 2 ounces and a sale of 10.2 grams about 2 years apart my third strike was filled he and i work together i am doing 30 years for or 3 pounds of pot plead guilty in state the 10 month into sentence feds pick up my case i have just over 20 years in now i have more to talk about just wanted to start with a few fact about my case it John Lindsey in the 7th circuit the case is from 1994 till we talk again J W Lindsey

I am doing 30 years for pot. I had two prior convictions for pot, a sale of 2 ounces and a sale of 10.2 grams, about 2 years apart. My third strike was for 3 pounds of pot, I plead guilty in state the 10 month into sentence feds pick up my case. I have just over 20 years in now.

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  • Adela Falk
    commented 2016-04-12 07:15:05 -0700
    Updated 10/2017
  • Anonymous
    commented 2015-12-29 18:33:22 -0800
    Happy Birthday Baby 21 down 6 more to go : ( we will be together on your 57th : ) Love always T
  • Anonymous
    commented 2015-08-07 16:40:26 -0700
  • Anonymous
    commented 2015-07-28 05:12:24 -0700
    Looks awesome Adela Thank You even tho I am mad as hell in those pics lol that was the day the guard made John leave visit for no reason grrrrrrrr to strip search him again
  • Anonymous
    commented 2015-07-19 20:39:31 -0700
    Tim to contact John directly send him private message on FB include your email and a bit of how he knows you, if he remembers you he will accept, however there will be a couple day delay as John has a company run his page
  • Tim Joseph
    commented 2015-07-19 20:27:12 -0700
    Hey John ..this is Tim Joseph…hope all is well with you …i have made deliveries at Greenville and never knew you were there. would like to visit you sometime soon. not sure if you have to put me on a list but let me know.
  • Anonymous
    commented 2015-05-29 01:25:34 -0700
    write my niece on 420 site and say hello i know who she is and tell her thanks its nice to be remebered
  • Anonymous
    commented 2015-05-28 15:18:05 -0700
    Ashley Ok , actually he was just talking about that are you related to Doug Morris ? Because John is pretty sure he has figured out how he knows Doug, It was the Parks last name that thew him of lol write him he would love to hear from ya’all directly, and I am HAPPY ya found him very much alive lol
  • Ashley Parks
    commented 2015-05-28 05:57:18 -0700
    I am the oldest daughter of Tammy Morris (Francis). You used to come down to Centerville, MO and see us. I’m the only one of the kids that remember, but it was a great shock to see this and know your ok. I will help in anyway I can!!!
  • Dennis Boisvert
    commented 2015-05-26 07:38:23 -0700
    what a story this why Adela and I do what we do No one is free till all are pow420 are free
  • Anonymous
    commented 2015-05-26 05:53:33 -0700
    Doug yes I will forward this right now, when writing John please include a bit of how he knows you and how you met as it has been 21 years as of yesterday, Ashley Park John said hello however he is not sure of who you are and how he knows you thanks
  • Douglas Morris
    commented 2015-05-25 21:02:30 -0700
    Teresa, My name is Doug Morris…I had tried to find out what had happened to John and was told he was dead. Would you please tell him I will be in touch.
  • Anonymous
    commented 2015-05-25 16:18:01 -0700
    Ashley he is alive and very much kicking lol I will forward your comment to this post right now
  • Heather Mathes Briggs
    followed this page 2015-05-25 11:57:27 -0700
  • Crystal Francis-Chitwood
    followed this page 2015-05-25 07:26:10 -0700
  • Ashley Parks
    followed this page 2015-05-25 07:01:38 -0700
  • Ashley Parks
    commented 2015-05-25 07:00:44 -0700
    Uncle John!!!!! I’m so glad to know your ok, I was told you had passed! Count me on your side!! It’s been way to long!!
  • Anonymous
    commented 2015-05-24 10:15:49 -0700
    Dawn just forwarded your comment to John ;) he is a strong man and hanging in there hopefully bringing attention to his case can get him home sooner. Going to see lawyer Wednesday to see what can be done.. But all the support he gets helps him so much thank u T
  • Dawn Fuentes
    commented 2015-05-24 09:35:34 -0700
    I know you have had a hard road my friend & your in our prayers daily. I remember the trial & was there to testify on your behalf, but they never allowed me to testify. I know you got a very bad deal & it’s absolutely not fair to you or your family at all. John you always have a special place in my heart & I truly treasure your friendship & I always will. I pray that they let you out, you should have been out years ago. So sorry that I haven’t wrote but we had a major Death in the family & it’s been very difficult since December. Life sure throws curves at you sometimes. Well just wanted to tell you that we are always in your corner. Your Friend Always ; Dawn
  • John Lindsey
    commented 2015-05-23 19:08:21 -0700
    one day
  • Anonymous
    followed this page 2015-05-22 19:54:10 -0700
  • Anonymous
    commented 2015-05-22 16:39:13 -0700
    This is a poem that has gotten him thru some really tuff times,
    No Regrets
    I have no regrets for the pain of life, for it has given me strength. Nor for the sorrow, for it has made me real and helped me to understand myself. Nor for despair, for I have cast off illusion.
    I have no regrets for the loneliness, for I have made friends with the night. Nor for the rage of anger, for through it I have found inner peace. Nor for having made enemies, who taught me no what to be.
    I have no regrets for the death of loved ones, for they showed me how to live. Nor for rejected love, for I have learned to love myself. Nor for the passage of time, that which has given me my memories.
    I have no regrets for the shackles of deception, for I have broken through the walls of the prisons of my mind. Nor for the wandering, which has led me home. Nor for the road taken, which has opened my eyes to destiny.
    I have no regrets, for life is born of struggle, and the will to survive.