Mel Holmes

  • commented on LIFE for Pot 2015-09-04 14:53:01 -0700
    In the UK, the charity Prisoners Abroad came up with the idea of prisoners with young children could make a phone call which would be recorded so that they could, for example, read their child a bedtime story, which could be made into a CD and given to the family.
    Being adept with technology I took this idea and made it work for Daniel last Christmas. Great family support idea that can work, and has worked for us.
    Setting it up as a service run by a cash-strapped charity proved unworkable, but it can be done on an individual basis to great effect.

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    Wrong James. Many of those locked up for POT have never harmed a soul. They were just victms in the war against drugs, which is doing even less good than the war against alcohol years ago.