Joel Naselroad ~ Released

Joel has been released. Welcome home Joel.

Joel Naselroad and his mom, Jeannie

Joel Naselroad
Clark County Jail
17 Cleveland Avenue
Winchester, KY 40391

Age: 33
Race: White
Sex: Male

Book Date: 7-10-2014
42330 Possession of Marijuana
42081 Drug Paraphernalia Buy/Posses

June 23rd, Joel’s jury trial finally began at the Clark County Courthouse with Judge Clouse presiding. On June 25th, the jury acquitted Joel of all felonies and one misdemeanor, convicting him only on possession of Cannabis and the pipe.

The 3 Cannabis plants were quite small and ultimately yielded only a few grams of leaf. Apparently the jury got a kick out of the D.A. showing the Cannabis evidence: a tiny bit of plant in the bottom of a great big shopping bag.

Joel Naselroad Released From Jail Today!

Wow. No warning, no preamble. Just released. There is a little justice in the world after all. (Bound to be more to the story, right? Stay tuned.)

What a happy, happy day!!!

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