Gaetan Dinelle ~ Life for Pot

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GAETAN DINELLE # 14494-052
P.O. BOX 305

DOB: 7/28/1973
AGE: 44

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Continuing Criminal Enterprise No More, Jury Trial Convicts Pair of Defendants

Gaetan Dinelle receives life sentence

Thank you for reaching out to me. I've got an incredible story that may interest many people. As you know I've been convicted of an international smuggling Mj ring and got mandatory life. In short I've got no criminal history and there was no violence of any kind in the alleged organization and further more no evidence at all on the MJ coming from Canada. The Jury was tricked into believing that the Mj was from Canada because we were mostly all from there and that's not good grounds for conviction of importing. I would like to share my story with all of you and really bring to light what happens to people like me who refuse to co-operate with the Government. Please let me know what you think would be effective and interesting to the supporters out there. I've been thru a lengthy process that destroyed my life and I will never stop fighting for my freedom. Thanks again for the card your the first person to reach out to me and I'm very great full to you all for it. Sincerely your friend Gates

PS- DOB July 28 1973


Gaetan “Gates” Dinelle, 42, Cornwall, Ontario was sentenced Thursday in a U.S. federal court for his role in an international marijuana operation.

The jury found that both defendants were participants in three separate but related conspiracies that all involved 1,000 kilograms or more of marijuana: (1) conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distribute [Count 1]; (2) importation into the United States from Canada [Count 2], and (3) distribution in Canada, knowing or intending for the unlawful importation thereafter into the United States [Count 3]. The jury also found that both defendants engaged in, and further, were principal administrators, leaders, and organizers of continuing criminal enterprise (“CCE”) which received more than $10,000,000 in a single year of the enterprises’ existence [Count 9].

As a result of the CCE conviction, both defendants face mandatory life imprisonment.   Sentencing is currently scheduled for December 8, 2015, in front of Senior U.S. District Judge Norman A. Mordue.

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