David Lange

  • commented on Welcome to POW420 2015-07-06 19:10:23 -0700
    I got a felony for 3.5 grams of weed when I was 18 I now that felony follows me around my whole life

  • commented on Jeff Mizanskey ~ Released 2015-06-28 07:23:06 -0700
    I hope you get out and everything goes good for you it sucks ther is so many people just like you locked up I’ remember when I was young I met somebody locked up in fed person in Oxford Wisconsin you are a spokesman for all thats ban interested it bull crab I know I got a felony for 3.5 grams of weed no bulll a 1/8 when I was 17 they the police were tall I turn 18 than thay rested me im 30 now and I will have a felony the rest of my life