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    im 49 y/o with lifetime schizophrenia. isc (insane since childhood). at 18 I started takeing the government meds. for years I suffered with side effects , the meds never agreed with my body (way too sensitive for meds mostly poison with a little benefit) at 30 my dr tells me to stop any meds – my liver enzymes were high. if I keep taking meds ill need a liver transplant. so I searched for natural treatment for schizophrenia. a wonderful dr of naturopathy recommended cannabis. it helps my 2 worst problems extreme anxiety and sleep disorders. cannabis helped with no side effects AND ITS 100% SAFE. wow say that about government meds.

    so why are the police at war with me over medicine from God ? I have studied the law and want to become a cannabis lawyer GARY GONJA. since my law studies, the police had me in handcuffs 3 times for pot and each time they took the cuffs off and left me alone with my pot. here are the seven felonies cops commit over pot. 1) armed robbery (for even a pot seed). weapon displayed and you fear for your safety. strong arm robbery by police. – to armed rob your property. all police are predators disguised as protectors. and they are at war with you trying to find any legal grounds to kidnap you and take your property so the courts can extort monies $ from you. never let police search your car, home, person -ANYTHING !!!! – remember anything you say can and will be used against you. YOU NEVER ANSWER QUESTIONS !!!! “sorry officer I don’t answer questions. and whenever cops ask you questions you repeat, ’ SORRY OFFICER I DONT ANSWER QUESTIONS.

    me.”officer can I ask you a question – what is marijuana a vegtable or fruit "?

    officer. “I don’t know”

    me. " please take a guess its either one or the other"

    officer. " I don’t know"

    me. " but you bust people for it and commit armed robbery and kidnapping for it."

    officer. ok vegtable"

    me. " wow thank you officer, you have guessed correctly it is a vegtable SO BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION, YOUR BUSTING PEOPLE FOR VEGTABLES NOW ? if they guess fruit it works the same. ill post more of “the seven felonies”

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