Paul Westmoreland

  • commented on Activism 2016-05-26 03:49:07 -0700
    In the early ’90s I was in prison for 76 marijuana plants that I was sentenced as thou it was 163 lbs. We all know that is an unreasonable amount from 76 plants, but that is what the sentencing guidelines called for. I set out to help get this changed and with help from the then newly formed Marijuana Policy Project and Families Against Mandatory Minimums we managed to change the guideline that said one plant was equal to 1000 grams to one plant being equal to 100 grams. Because I had the time on my hands I sent out several hundred letters asking people to help get this change (example of a letter can be found at or google Paul Westmoreland 43766-019) The point being that even though you are locked up there are still things you can do to bring about change.