Tina Wenner

  • commented on Jon Peditto ~ 10 years for Marijuana 2016-02-10 12:07:32 -0800
    My heart is broken over this. Jon is the most peaceful, loving, harmless person anyone could ever know. I’m so scared for him. He’s not a big “tough” guy, he’s a fisherman and a nature and wedding photographer that loves good music, his girlfriend, and his family. He doesn’t do any drugs, he barely even drinks. He just likes to smoke some pot at the end of the day while his favorite music is playing. Happy. I’m so sorry Jon. Be careful in there, please! Our son needs you, you’re his best friend. Today is his birthday! 28 years old! I Wish you were here to celebrate it with him. This is so unbelievable. There’s a Weed Mall opening in Colorado, and you’re doing a decade in New Jersey. For the exact same plant! You’re in my thoughts day and night, for you, for poor Marilu, your beautiful soulmate, and for our son. Hoping you’re hanging in there, your caring Ex-wife, Tina<3