Danielle Brown-Douglas

  • commented on Welcome to POW420 2016-01-07 04:48:52 -0800
    I haven’t used cannabis in close to 20 years but, my ex-husband was an alcoholic and I’ve NEVER heard of ANYONE smoking cannabis and beating his spouse, screaming and yelling to the point where the police had to be called. Alcohol is a much more dangerous drug and you can walk into any gas station (where you are filling your car that you cannot drive intoxicated) and buy as much beer as you can carry right next to gatoraid, juice, milk,etc for your children! Cannabis has been proven to help certain diseases and it is a plant that grows wild anywhere there is dirt & water! It boggles my mind that our country promotes the consumption of alcohol (NFL football comes to mind) during games in which we watch with our children! Unbelievable that people are being sentenced years in prison along side of rapists, murderers, and violent offenders! Our country sure has its priorities so screwed up! When I smoked cannabis I would get mellow, didn’t even want to drive anywhere, get the munchies, eat too much, get sleepy and go to bed. When I drank alcohol I would be funny, fall down a lot, couldn’t drive, get mad then usually got sick, go to bed and wake up with a headache, hungover, calling in sick to work…not once did I ever have a hangover from cannabis. Legalize it already! Alcohol vs Cannabis, Cannabis wins (HANDS DOWN) every time!