Drug War Atrocities: Families Torn Apart, People Caged For A Plant

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Drug War Atrocities: Families Torn Apart, People Caged For A Plant

 Q: When is it okay to take man from his home because he didn’t hand over an alleged cellphone that a person owns, or when is it okay to make a man a higher-level threat behind bars because people reached out to the authorities in support for him?

A: When they’ve been found guilty of believing they could support their families by “legally” selling marijuana in States that have medical marijuana laws.

The Drug War, and the archaic drug laws we have, make our country morally like North Korea, prosecuting innocent mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, neighbors…innocent Americans. The Drug War is a fine example of the idiocy that pervades America and why Trump could be president.

The Persecution of Lance Gloor

 [Lance Gloor]

Yesterday I was messaged by Lance Gloor’s mom that he was arrested, taken from his home with no time to contact others, taken from his home weeks before his sentencing date over a cellphone that could serve no purpose since the trial is over. He’s been waiting to hear his sentence after being on house arrest for two years and being found guilty January 15 for essentially not being part of the State sanctioned I-502 recreational marijuana stores.

Lance Gloor was taken away from his home, from his family, from his teenage daughter for not handing over a phone the feds say exist. From the prosecutorial standpoint, I wonder why this was an issue? Why do you need to see the phone of a man that has been homebound for two years, homebound with an ankle bracelet that has GPS and can detect alcohol through his sweat?

What’s the point of harassing a man that has already been found guilty and just wants his day in court now?

The sentence, the time, the punishment he has endured already does not fit the crime for him and oh so many others.

Lance Gloor should not be behind bars now.

Lance Gloor and his supporters at his federal trial [Michael Scott]

There was a group of us there supporting him. We met in solace, familiar faces facing a familiar enemy… The United States vs. Lance Gloor. Everyone found a place to sit, in support of a guy that shouldn’t even be there. No one knew why he was taken in; there was no time for that. Everyone waited to hear the charge — even Lance, after a night of sitting in jail.

The actual charge was of “being in parole bond violation” but what was read by the prosecuting attorney was mumbo jumbo; there was no blatant laid out statement, just a lot of where hereto and thou legal bullshit.

The prosecution laid out their case, and Lance’s stand in lawyer didn’t have much to come back with except “not guilty.” At this point, the law seems like a matter of he said, she said bullshit.

Lance’s defunct lawyer had no counter-punch to the prosecutor’s imaginary allegations. Lance handed over a phone that  was returned to his mother along with his possessions the following day.

Again, what’s the purpose of prosecuting a man for a phone when the man never left his house? What new crime can you prove when the prosecution of the first one shouldn’t have gone as far as it did?

Lance presently resides in the same federal prison as Chris Williams, another prisoner of pot. Williams’ partner died in prison while chained to a bedpost… R.I.P Richard Flor. They reside in a federal prison in a state that has both recreational and medical marijuana.

The Sad Case of Chris Martin

Chris Martin [Phoenix New Times]

The war on pot has given government officials — with no real desire to protect the people — the ability to imprison and punish people they don’t agree with. That is exactly what’s happening to Lance Gloor and that is exactly what is happening to Chris Martin in Arizona.

As I write these words, a man is dying in jail… Many men, many innocent men, are dying in jail daily, but let’s focus for a moment upon one individual in particular: Chris Martin.

Chris Martin suffers from Crohn’s disease, and because of that was suppose to receive a lenient sentence since the presiding judge’s son suffers from the same disease, and recognized that he suffers from his condition more than any legal sentence could make him endure, especially since the time does not fit the crime.

Besides being a loving father and husband who has not seen his kids since his incarceration for pot, Chris is a compassionate caregiver, a prisoner trying to make a difference though coloring books, a chef, an entrepreneur, a contestant for The Marijuana Show, a father and husband… and crucially, he’s not a criminal.

Chris Martin is a family man [POW 420]

His condition worsens from day to day, prison care is a death sentence; not because the medical staff are bad, but because they’re understaffed and the health of Third World citizens like inmates is no one’s problem.

Chris sits in the Yuma State Prison and is being punished not just for pot but for also people reaching out to the prison trying to make sure the system knows he’s not forgotten. Instead he’s been labeled to be part of a “gang” and has been considered a higher threat for having people that give a fuck for a man that doesn’t belong in jail.

Right now, people, men and women of the Arizona state correctional institution, are torturing an innocent man in a state that has active dispensaries and legal medical marijuana.

They are trying to beat the will out of him, but are instead making him stronger and worse case scenario a martyr… but we don’t need anymore of those now. The bullies of the Reefer Madness propaganda machine want you to give up, want him to give up, but he has this to say: “Do not stop calling, do not stop trying to do what right.”

“They will take it out on him, and he has to sit there anyways. We are doing NOTHINGwrong. We are trying to help a man that is helpless in there,” his wife, Andi, said. “I am clarifying now that Chris Martin is NOT a gang member. He is a father, a business owner, a friend, and an activist. He has ALWAYS wanted only to help others, and this should not stop any of us from wanting to help him.”

Well that’s this week’s depressing news, until next fucked up situation that I have all the facts in, your boy Miggy420 signing out.

Miguel Miggy

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