Robert Orlosky ~ Court Support

Alright Team Green time to get ACTivated. Robert Orlosky needs your support.

Court Support Request for San Diego Medical Cannabis Patient

WHAT: Robert Orlosky – Motion to Dismiss 
WHEN: 8:30AMThursday May 21, 2015 
WHERE: Dept. 38 in the Downtown Courthouse - 220 W Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101

This case is mind blowing. Robert a legal medical marijuana patient.  In 2013 a helicopter flew over his house in Jamul, Ca and marijuana plants were spotted. The Sheriff department went to do a compliance check, Robert allowed them in. He was cultivating roughly 10 cannabis plants. A week or so later he was raided. He went to trial fought his case and was found guilty by a jury for possession and cultivation.

However, the Judge only gave him probation NO jail time. The Judge permitted Robert to continue to use, possess, and cultvate marijuana if he got his MMIC card via the MMPA - which ironically allows him to possess and cultivate more cannabis than he was found guilty of- 24 plants he can now legally cultivate.

But, they appealed his case and WON. Case dropped-dismissed.....

Until District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has re-opened this case and re-filed charges against Robert.

Please bring your green ribbons and show support for Robert!  You can help from home too. Please email a polite message to [email protected] asking Dumanis to drop charges against Robert Orlosky.  

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