Operation Golden Go-fer

32 Marijuana arrest in Colorado


How a skydiver and a warehouse employee became key informants in a huge interstate marijuana bust

Massive pot trafficking bust included 13 grow warehouses, skydiving planes, massage parlor, more

MN connection in massive marijuana bust

The Colorado State Grand Jury handed down the indictment and law enforcement this began picking up those who were charged. Denver jail records confirm at least five members of the alleged organization have so far been arrested.

A skydiving instructor wearing a wire to surreptitiously record his alleged co-conspirators in Marijuana Grow for the DEA. And a warehouse employee repeatedly asked about his role until he finally cracked, giving up the names of dozens of co conspirators.

The 32 people indicted in the case range in age from 25 to 71. They variously face charges of racketeering, felony cultivation and distribution of marijuana, money laundering, tax evasion, attempt to influence a public servant and conspiracy.

Those charged are: Tri Trong Nguyen, 39; Thomas Claire Dispanet, 40; Cuyler Gerbich, 39; Kristine Claretta Root, 37; Michael Patrick Glick, 34; Aaron Matthew Ellering, 39; Aubrey Charles Keesling, 39; Ryan Joseph Farrow, 30; Josie Phuong Farrow, 43; Sheila Thi Kieu Lorenz, 45; Oanh Tran, 48; Veon Deloy Hatch, 42; Patrick Joseph Concannon, 37; Joseph Johnson, 43; Nicholas Alan Kuhl, 37; Douglas Dunlap, 47; Micah Peterson, 33; Antonio Domenico Orfei, 33; Lindsay Geinert, 37; Andrew James Wylie, 37; John Rodger Magee, 37; Jessica Peterson, 34; Alicia Rainey, 71; Anh Thi Nguyen, 37; Jason Joyner, 28; James Chad Averette, 28; Tiffany Gille, 34; Everett Grove, 25; Adam Tilley, 28; Anthony Smith, 27; Matthew Olson, 40; and Jordan Iovinella, 34.

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