Marijuana ~ The Facts and Fiction



This video is illustrated along with the action and background music. The script of the video and description of the action follows.


[An illustration of the United States is shown; plants grow from it as a hose is shown spraying water over them.]

It’s the most widely used illegal drug in America and it comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant.

[An illustration of the lungs is shown.]

And, like the tobacco plant, its smoke contains a mixture of gasses and particles that are harmful to your lungs.

[The images on the screen fade to the words “Fact” and “Fiction.”]

It's time to separate fact from fiction.

First, marijuana can be used as medicine. Fiction

[During the next frames, illustrations reference the federal law pertaining to marijuana. Pills are shown being rolled up and lit with a lighter to demonstrate that medicine is not something that is smoked. Finally, the process of getting a prescription for Marinol filled is shown.]

Fact is, under federal law marijuana is classified as an illegal drug with no approved medical use. Have you ever heard of anyone who smoked medicine?

What the FDA has approved is Marinol, the active ingredient found in the marijuana plant. It's specifically prescribed to control nausea in cancer patients and to stimulate appetite in AIDS patients.

Second, marijuana doesn't affect my performance at school and in athletics. Fiction

[An illustration of a pile of text books and sporting equipment is used to demonstrate this second fact/fiction element. An illustration of a failed test and of a dropped ball shown over a baseball diamond are used to illustrate the impact of marijuana on performance.]

The fact is marijuana does affect concentration and remembering facts, and that's risky, especially for a developing teenage brain.

It can also affect movement and coordination, throwing off one's athletic performance.

Third, driving under the influence of marijuana isn't dangerous. Fiction.

[An illustrated driver is shown smoking marijuana in a vehicle. As the smoke clears, it becomes clear that there is a collision with a truck, and a grave is shown to demonstrate the number of deaths that occur based on car accidents in which the driver was under the influence of marijuana.]

Fact is marijuana affects your ability to drive, judge distances, and react to signals and sounds on the road.

Sadly, it's the most common illegal drug found in drivers who die in car accidents.

[The words “You have a choice” are displayed on the screen and fade out to the words “fact or fiction” as the narration concludes.]

So, you have a choice when it comes to marijuana use: Do you want to follow fact or fiction?

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  • Sheila Jacobson
    commented 2015-11-13 17:43:41 -0800
    what a fictitious load of pharma propaganda shit.