Jury Rights Day ~ Sept. 5, 2015

Happy Jury Rights Day!!! 

Sept. 5 is Jury Rights Day and we at POW420 encourage and support everyone to celebrate this wonderful day!

For more about Jury Duty Click here: The Importance of Jury Duty

Jury Duty is important because it is your constitutional duty. You not only vote on the facts you vote on the law- you vote with your conscious. This is called Jury Nullification- this is your ability to vote not guilty on unjust laws. You are protected by Jury Immunity meaning you can't be punished for your verdict.

So, why is this important? If we the cannabis community started sitting on Jury Duty and educating others about Jury Duty and Jury Nullification and start voting not guilty on ALL cannabis law we can stop the convictions. Jury Nullification occurs when a jury in a criminal case reaches a verdict contrary to the weight of evidence, sometimes because of a disagreement with the relevant law

September 05, 2015 at 4:20pm - 7:20pm
Jury Rights Day
Adela Wisdom · · 619-631-5337
dennis Boisvert Adela Falk

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