Have you been arrested for cannabis?

Have you been arrested for cannabis? If yes, than you know how vital a letter can mean to you. Our goal here at POW420 is share pot prisoners stories. We share their stories in their words. We search for those who have been arrested for cannabis and reach out to them. We send the support letters. We send the a quarterly newsletter called The Prohibition Times. We also send them Birthday cards as part of our Birthday POW420 drive. We support our pot prisoners 100%

So, if you know someone currently in prison or jail for cannabis please contact us. My personal email is [email protected]

*** We want you to share your story about being arrested for cannabis- we want to create a page dedicated to sharing cannabis arrest stories. Please, submit your articles. Thank you.

We believe that No-one belongs in jail for a plant. And working together to share these unjust incarcerations is vital to ending cannabis prohibition. 

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