Christopher Williams - Released

Chris has been released. Welcome home.

RRM Salt Lake City

DOB: 6/8/1974
AGE: 42
LOCATED AT: Salt Lake City RRM
RELEASE DATE: 06/19/2017

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Former US Marine, Chris Williams and his partners operated one of Montana’s largest Medical Marijuana dispensaries, ’Montana Cannabis’. Chris Lindsey, Dan Nichols, Thomas Daubert and the Flor family worked in strict compliance with all state medical marijuana laws. In 2011,  Federal Agents raided William’s dispensary and Helena greenhouse in an all-out assault on the state’s medical marijuana providers and patients and charged Williams and his former partners with felony drug and weapons charges.

Having no medical defense in federal jurisdiction, Chris’ former partners all pled guilty and asked for leniency from the courts, but Chris stood alone and entered an innocent plea. ”The main reason that I went to trial is because I felt it was my duty,” Williams said during the sentencing hearing.  Williams operated under legal guidelines and refuses to admit guilt in a crime.

Daubert is on probation for five years, members of the Flor family received sentences between two and five years; Lindsey and Nichols are awaiting sentencing.

In September 2012 a jury found Williams guilty of eight felony counts facing a mandatory minimum sentencing of 80 years in prison. Supporters posted a White House petition that called to “Free Chris Williams” with over 27,000 signatures.

Judge Dana Christensen intervened, calling the two attorneys together, and prosecutor Joseph Thaggard agreed to drop all but two charges against Chris and waive the $1.7 million forfeiture requirement.  ”An 85-year sentence in this case would simply be unjust,” Christensen said.  This was an unusual post-conviction agreement. Chris will serve just five of the originally proposed 80+ years for a weapons charge and his time already served was punishment for the marijuana charge. Chris also had to give up the right to appeal.

During Sentencing on February 1, 2013, The Human Solution and The green Cannabus for Legalization traveled thirteen hundred miles to the Russell Smith Federal Courthouse in Missoula to provide Court Support for Chris Williams. See more about the ups and downs of their journey to support Williams at Journey for Justice.

Words from Chris Williams~

“I have decided to fight the federal government, because for me not defending the things that I know are right is dishonorable,” Williams wrote. 

“Every citizen has a responsibility to fight for what is right, even if it seems like the struggle will be lost.”

“It is the power of the people to control this government that is supposed to protect us. If we shun this struggle, this government will control us instead of protecting us.”

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