Scott Conrad

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    My name is Scott Conrad , I am currently in a criminal case for manufacturing Marijuana with intent to deliver. My brother was growing medical marijuana legally. He got sentenced to jail. The day he went to jail, he asked me to take down his grow room because his son (9 yes old) and sons mom were going to live there and pay the bills until he gets out , and with no one to take care of the room as well as making sure that everything was safe and so nothing is going to get to hot and burn the house down with my nephew and his mother inside, I also received a call from our Dad the same day that our mom was sick and I need to get to Tennessee ASAP. I left for Tennessee the next day. Mom passed away so me and my family had to drive my mom’s deceased body to Florida to be burried. 2 days after I got back from Florida I went to my brothers house and disassembled his grow room. I was transporting the 2 plants to another caregiver to donate since the plants were not mature and I was still waiting for my card. I was arrested and my bond was set at $50,000, while in jail another guy was arrested for " armed robery, ccw, breaking and entering , as well as 2 other felonies, and his bond was only $25,000 . Now I’m out on bond with condition that I can’t use any medications for my pain , physical and emotional. I’m diagnosed with PTSD, severe clinical depression, bi-polar, anxiety disorder , and panic attack. I also have a steel plate and 6 screws in my wrist, I also have extreme abdominal pain from major surgery for internal bleeding. I don’t use any other drugs or alcohol, especially pills. Although I have a medical marijuana card from the state of Michigan , according to Montcalm county I can’t use anything for my pain. They have taken away my RIGHT to live without pain. I need help! If anyone can help me please contact me either on f/b or call me at 616-477-5693

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