Skip Stutler

  • commented on Theodore Visner ~ Marijuana Trial 2017-11-01 23:15:23 -0700
    weed being illegal because Randolph Hearst "who is rotting stinking dead and still drives fear into the Congress 80 years later because he wanted hemp not to compete with his trees for paper pulp..he used illegal and fictitious tactics to convince congress.80 years of lives ruined from arrest is enough and the Hearst estate should have criminal charges and lawsuits filed against it and the law wasted huge resources to enforce,,the law should be overturned. immediately.Standard oil should be sued too and criminally charged as a Hearst backer.Think about it.The head DEA man back then “google ths”…told the gullible congress that he took 2 puffs and turned into a bat…..people have been going to jail for 80 years based on that testimony …..this is a shame a low mark of stupidity on the UNITED STATES.