Carlos Javier

  • commented on Activism 2017-07-26 05:53:48 -0700
    Patients who need medical marijuana need their rights to use it as they feel is good for them, and not what a government or a doctor says is right for them . They should have the right to smoke, eat, drink, or whatever a patient prefers. The patient, most importantly should have the right to grow medical marijuana for themselves! Most patients that need Medical marijuana can not afford $20 $30, or as much as $80 dollars a day to pay the current commercial sales prices, while meeting their daily needs for their continuing treatment. For example, in the state of Michigan their laws allow for commercial sales, as well as sales by caregivers as well. The commercial market includes licensed growers, and sales. A caregiver is a person who has a license that specifically grows for a person. A caregiver can grow for other patients and only sell and grow to those patients, or a person that this person has chosen to grow for them, who must has a medical marijuana license. A person who has a medical marijuana card may also choose to grow marijuana for themselves . These rights should be available to patients in Puerto Rico. The state of Colorado has laws that pertain to the rights of all people, as well a patients’ rights for medical marijuana. In Colorado there are sales for medical and recreation use, but most importantly, the patients can grow for themselves to keep their medical costs down, people around the US have moved to Colorado because of there patient rights, and many people have who moved to Michigan for this same reason. Most states have legalized medical marijuana for an alternative way or use of natural none-processed medicine that has proven to be beneficial, and many are living today because of the use of medical marijuana, with a better quality of life, with clean, clinically proven reduction in pain symptoms. In most states that have legalized medical marijuana the patient can grow for themselves, and we hope that patients in Puerto Rico will someday benefit from the same rights.