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    POW420 Online Donations

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    GOAL: $50,000.00

    Thanks to supporters like you, POW420 can continue to fight for our brothers and sisters locked up for cannabis. Your donation will be used to help educate people about unjust federal and state mandatory sentencing laws and to publicize and educate about the sentencing injustice. No-one belongs in jail for a plant.

    To make a secure online donation today, please complete the form below. Click here to learn about other ways to donate to POW420.  


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    POW420 Publication Cost

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    GOAL: $10,000.00

    It is that time once again. - The 6th edition of The Prohibition Times is ready for publication. Donations are needed to cover our printing cost. It will cost roughly $100 to print the newsletter. You can pay the printer publishing company directly - or donate on this page. We will have the pdf file ready to send by Monday to ANY printer company you choose. Then it can be mailed directly to me to be mailed out to over 350 pot prisoners. Thank you for making The Prohibition Times possible.

    POW420 produces a quarterly publication called the Prohibition Times that is sent to over 300 cannabis prisoners. Your donations cover our publication cost. Thank you!

    We are currently looking for a new printing company! Our current cost is 30 cents a page front and back full color. However, we are looking for a printing company that will will create an account for us so, YOU can help donate with our printing cost directly to the printer. We have plenty of printing to do, some is prompt to and the need to have an account has become vital for us to print a mass variety of items necessary for us to spread awareness about ending cannabis prohibition.

    * The goal is to find a printing company that will allow us an account so, that YOU can donate directly to the printing company. If you are interested in being our sponsored printer please contact us at [email protected]

    You can always donate directly to

    A big fat thank you to Gordon Wagner. Gordon is personally responsible for 90% of POW420 Publishing The Prohibition Times. We Thank YOU Mr. Gordon. Without you The Prohibition Times would not be possible. 

    Thank you Kevin P. Saunders for your printing donation!! You helped launch Sponsor a POW420 Questionnaire. We have over a dozen POW420s now partaking in this Sponsor a POW420 program. Your $27.00 donation made a difference and WE thank you!

    Sponsor a POW420 

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