420 Denver Colorado - 2015

POW420 Team Green had a great opportunity to travel to the cannabis cup with the canna-bus family. We had a wonderful time starting in Kentucky, to Missouri, through Kansas, and finally arriving in Denver Colorado. 

I was super excited to be part of the canna-bus family. I joined Stacey Thesis, Ashley Delisi, Shane, Moose, and Reese (the dog) and went Denver bound. 

It was an adventure. We hit many kinks but our amazing man Moose was always able to get the bus going again. Exhausted and happy we made it safe and sound to Denver, Colorado.

I was able to get into the cannabis cup thanks to Dan Herer and Jonathan Good from the Jack Herer Foundation Inc- which I then proceed to assist in working their booth. I ran into Chris Barkowicks a POW420 which was amazing. I finally crossed paths with Sierra Riddle

All in all we had a wonderful time. Not a minute went by that we didn't talk about our brothers and sisters locked up for cannabis. No-one belongs in jail for a plant

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