Larry Burgess II

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    My name is Larry L Burgess II. I live in New Albany Kansas and was arrested last week for using and making my own cannabis oil for my non epileptic seizures.

    I have suffered from these seizures for over 8 years now. I have been using cannabis for my seizures medically since 2014. Cannabis is the only medicine that has lessened my seizures and allowed me to get my life back.

    I was turned in by a member of the community and was served a search warrant with over 10 sheriff’s deputies with AR 15s in a town with less than 60 people.

    An unarmed disabled 40 year old male. I am now having multiple seizures daily now that I can’t medicate myself with cannabis oil capsules.

    If you can help me here is my info:

    [email protected]

    Larry Burgess II

    4103 3rd Street

    New Albany KS 66736


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