Sarah Selfridge Castellano

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    POW420 Production Fundraiser

    $100.00 raised
    GOAL: $50,000.00

    POW420 works hard at ending cannabis prohibition. We believe that through education we can end this war on cannabis. Ending cannabis prohibition is a passion for us. We believe from the bottom or our heart that No-one belongs in jail for a plant. We will fight to end this failed War on Drugs/Cannabis.

    Our goal is to share the stories of those incarcerated for cannabis. We have successfully had 3 in prison interviews with pot prisoners Jeff Mizanskey, Natalie DePriest, and David DePriest. We know that the injustices of our court system seem surreal we want to show people that this is still happening. Seeing and hearing the stories of our POW420's is a vital tool to ending this tyranny.  

    We need your help! We need better equipment; cameras, video recorder, ipods, tablets, film and video making software, recording devices, and money donations. Everything helps new or slightly used donations.

    Thank you for your generous donations. Without your donations POW420 would not be possible. Your donations pay for postage, envelopes, paper, letters, stamps, newsletters, travel expenses to visit POW420s, informative pamphlets, and so much more.

    Send Donations to:
    Adela Falk
    PO Box 6231
    Fulton, MO 65251

    Here are some videos of pot prisoner siblings David and Natalie DePriest. 

    Free David DePriest

    Natalie DePriest - 15 years in prison for 12 marijuana plants.