Words from Maurice Foley

Words from Moe. Sharing letters from Moe allows you to understand Moe's story in his own words. Please, read with compassion being in prison for pot is not easy, being a non-violent drug offender surrounded by murders and rapist is life changing. Remember, that no-one belongs in jail for a plant.

MAURICE FRANCIS FOLEY # 20211-068      ‘Moe’
P.O. BOX 150160
RELEASE DATE: 03/09/2022

Maurice "Moe" Foley is serving De-facto Life for Pot.

Letter from Moe 1/5/2013 

Letter from Moe 11/13/2013 

Letter from Moe 1/14/2014

Letter from Moe 1/15/2014

Letter from Moe 2/9/2014

Letter from Moe 2/20/2014

Letter from Moe 6/6/2014 

Letter from Moe 6/25/2014

Letter from Moe 7/15/2014


Letter from Moe 7/26/2014

Letter from Moe 2/10/2015

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  • commented 2016-04-11 18:17:40 -0700
    Updated 8/2016
  • commented 2015-11-21 00:02:23 -0800
    Free Maurice. The laws need too change immediately.Its big business now in some States.Sentenced should be reduced ASAP. Excessive years for a plant is not right.
    Stay up Moe Hang in there brother.

    John G. Aka Lazy B lol.