Words from Judah Prince

Words from Judah. Sharing letters from Judah allows you to understand Judah's story in his own words. Please, read with compassion being in prison for pot is not easy, being a non-violent drug offender surrounded by murders and rapist is life changing. Remember, that no-one belongs in jail for a plant. 

JUDAH PRINCE # 19947-031

P.O. BOX 5000
PEKINIL  61555
RELEASE DATE: 03/12/2018

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Letter from Judah 3/2/2015

Letter from Judah 10/31/2016

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Adalyn & Tayler Nov 2014 - 2 year old photo of my oldest Grandkids, Taylor and Adalyn. Adalyn from Olathe KS. I've seen them once every 2 years over the last 6 years.

Lincoln Aug 2015 - My Grandson Lincoln from Wichita KS. Whom I've never seen. His dad, (my youngest son named Shawn) I haven't sen my son Shawn in over 7 years because the BOP keeps moving me all over the US.

My Granddaughter Natallie from Colorado.

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