Words from David DePriest

Words from David. Sharing letters from David allows you to understand his story in his own words. Please, read with compassion being in prison for pot is not easy, being a non-violent drug offender surrounded by murders and rapist is life changing. Remember, that no-one belongs in jail for a plant. 

DAVID DEPRIEST # 1259453 3B-217
RELEASE DATE: 22 Years (15, 15, CC W/7 CS)

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Letter from David 3/14/2014 

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Letter from David 1/21/2015

To send money, books, mail, anything please go to -  

Missouri Department of Corrections

Sending Money 

Information for Family and Friends

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    As a casual observer, I note that David is a certified gunsmith and says that the gun was the legal length that the gov’t measured it wrong. It doesn’t look like his attorney had an expert measure the gun. I’m wondering about 1 lawyer representing 2 Defendants in the same case. Not wise. It seems to me that the trial lawyer that let both Natalie and David plead straight up to the charge, had no idea what this judge was like, let alone know him. I think he pressured them to plead, because the system had worked them and they were broke. I’ve seen too many lawyers jam clients like this too many times.