Sanchez Ortez

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    Hello Fam!!!!

    We are a group of Growers and Dispensaries located in Colorado, USA.
    We deal in Top shelf cannabis and premium cannabis products and top brands like Mua Meds, Rove and other high brands cannabis products for both Recreational and med cannabis. We offer a wide range of products both online and direct sales to our class clients, retails and wholesales.

    We stand a better connect for other small retailers and both new persons who wanna make money by marketing cannabis and cannabis related products.

    Added to our wide range and premium products, we offer Great Discounts:
    Discount for First time purchase
    Pay less if you got a med cannabis card
    Free shipping to your doorstep
    Up to 50% Discount off purchase.

    We’re down for great business…Serious clients. Get a test order today if you’re wanna try us for the first time.

    Connect with us today for better deals.
    TEXT/CALL/WHATSAPP (To talk to our Client Care Specialists): +1(719)315-0934 OR +1(304)314-4257
    Wickr Me.ID: karissg
    Kik ID: kariss_420