howard ollman

  • commented on Words from Jack Carpenter 2015-09-01 16:18:48 -0700
    This judge u=is a bastard, that is his court room, he could have done anytihng he wanted to, sentence ten years, BS! for what? weed? BS laws, BS judge. this was u.s.district court? i wish i was there, to hell with all of them i say.

  • commented on The Prohibition Times ~ 2015 2015-09-01 12:59:43 -0700
    I signed a petition awhile ago and here i am. the man in out now, after being inside for over 20years for weed crimes! my question is simple to all that dont agree with me, why is weed illegal in the USA? No can give any decent answer to this, no one, not ever. The time for weed being illegal in the USA is over, time to allow all prisoners that were charged and convicted of this crime to be released, yesterday! Am I really the first?